The Glass Vision Contact Lens and a Myriad Other Uses

Google Lense Details

Google hasn’t stood idly by watching the different type of inventions without conjuring up something of its own. Coming up next from the well-known brand is a move away from its eye contact camera system discussed earlier in this series. It has now applied for a US patent for inventing a lens computer system that that has many applications.

The multi-sensor system may be what other wearable devices have been waiting for to use including Google Glass or other wearable devices such as an Android, television, gaming, navigation, car stereo and many more. For Google fans, this is an opportunity to learn more about the inventing aspirations of the big brand and not miss out on the excitement.

Google Lenses

Apparently, Google is also into the market for a vehicle gesturing system to be installed in vehicles. This latest invention can be used to operate in the system in consort with Google Glass. Google’s versatility has also immersed it in the invention of a blink command system that will be used in special contact lenses that send commands to alter the channel or sound level.

Google Lense Details

Amazingly the command system can also flick over a page or select a preferred song in the queue. But the delivery of this delightful wearable computer will depend on Googles ability to provide the right type of apps and embedded features to give zest to the apparatus. There’s little doubt that success will knock on Google’s door the moment it succeeds in providing the right type of app.

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How does the system work? Google maintains that the system is based on the installation of many sensors on contact lenses which are triggered by eye blinks and lens orientation thereby earning the name of “multi-sensor contact lenses”.  The system can be placed over one or both eyes and can operate according to the blinking of an eye.

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One of the main features of the multi-sensor contact lenses is the power component. Google has indicated that the system’s power component #275 can carry energy from any source such as power derived from an electrochemical source, power from a temperature power source and any other power derived from any mechanical power source, solar, battery or capacitor.

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The system’s transceiver #280 can receive and transmit information from outside or within the system. These qualities do not only portray a system that is totally versatile and adaptable to different situations but they also indicate a system that is adaptable for use in a multiplicity of situations with efficiency. The system can also be adapted for use on wearable and non-wearable devices.

It can be applied to users for their display glasses, monocle, eyeglasses, a standard headset, visor helmet and all sorts of other wearable gear including clothing. Their versatility enables the system to be used in mobile phones, devices, desktops, TV, musical device on the move, video game, console receiver (audio/video) and many other devices that users normally use on a daily basis.

The multi-sensor contact lenses are touted as the first of their kind in visual technology and as would be expected, other brands will seek to outperform Google and invent other models of multi-sensor contact lenses. Needless to say, this trend would be for the benefit of users everywhere.

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