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Google Invents Unique Pressure Sensitive Smartphone Structure

Pressure Sensitive Smart Phone

According to a new application published by the US Patent & Trademark office, it looks like Google is working on something new. The application revealed an inimitable idea which has been patented by Google and involves developing a pressure sensitive Smartphone. Since most of the smartphones these days are 5-inches and above, this new invention will unlock a whole new range of gestures and will allow users to control applications in a plethora of ways.

Google Invents a Unique Pressure Sensitive Smartphone Structure

The pressure in this technology will be applied to the whole phone and will include gestures such as squeezing, shearing and splaying. All of these gestures will unlock the path to a lot of new features. Each application will have its own set of unique actions which would be amalgamated with these gestures. This new technology will be use a strain gauge integrated into the Smartphone’s structure.

Smartphones when compared to their PC counter-parts have a low amount of input gestures. This often leads to harnessing the amount and variety of tasks what these mighty tiny-sized computers can do. With the addition of these extra pressure-sensitive gestures users will get a whole new set of functions to perform on their smartphones.

Google Smart Sense

In a technical way, this technology will include the traditional display along with a pressure sensitive frame of the Smartphone. That frame along with the strain gauge will measure the direction and amount of force. After the strain gauge measures everything, it will function the Smartphone accordingly.

Apart from patenting the technology, the company also patented the pressure gestures such as Squeeze, Splay and Shear. This technology will also include configuring a processor that will control the applications accordingly. To put it in a simpler way, if the user squeezes the phone while a certain application is opened in the Smartphone that particular application will perform a certain function.

Google says that using a Smartphone often involves a single hand although at some points it requires the use of both the hands. This standard input method is usually cumbersome for few people mainly because at times it may happen that user is only having one hand free to use the Smartphone.


Even if the user wants to input some data accurately on the Smartphone, he needs to shift all of his attention from other activities he is performing to the display and the GUI of the Smartphone. This may often lead to frustration of the user as he needs to refer to the display again and again to input the same commands.

Patent Bolt Report

The whole technology will use the strain gauge as the main component to determine the pressure and also identify the particular minute deformation in the framing structure of the Smartphone.

Google had filed this patent application under the serial number 446933 in Q2 of 2012. Since this is just a patent application, the release and the commercial use of such technology is still unknown but it can be expected in the late 2016 or the mid 2017.

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With these types of technologies coming in the future, you can even expect to use your Smartphone as a weighing scale for small amount of weights!

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